My Birthday Gift

Yesterday, I found myself all alone sitting in the corner outside the library and preparing history questions for a test which was to be in the next class. Before learning questions, I was looking for my friends near the library but fond none of them. I thought they did not want to give the test. Only a few countable students gave the test while others escaped from it. Some girls were sitting behind me at some distance. They were talking and laughing so loudly as I heard it. They were chatting about a friend’s little sister’s birthday who was hardly five-year-old. To listen to their tête-à-tête, I remembered my eighth birthday. We invited our relatives, my friends, and other neighboring kids with their parents at the birthday celebration. One of my neighbors gave me an unwrapped pencil box and a sum of twenty rupees as a gift.

As his six-year-old daughter saw the gifted yellow double-decker box in my hand, said before everyone “This box is mine and she has stolen my box”. we felt so awkward. After the party was over my father told me to go and return their gift. I went home and try to return the gift. They apologized for what had happened at the party but not took the gift back.

to listen story:

I was so angry with them that I tried to get rid of that box. Firstly, I put that box in the class cupboard to lose it at the end of the last class and rushed out from the class before anybody reached me to return that box. I took all my stuff before putting it there but that cupboard had no doors so one can easily find the things there. One of my friends found it and handed it back to me. I became irritated to get it back.

Next, I try to damage it but failed. Finally, I try to throw it in the dustbin but my mother interrupted and said “If you don’t want to use it give it to someone who needs it.” I liked the idea and give it to my servant’s daughter who was seven-year-old and studied in third class. I felt happy and relieved in giving it someone because I was not going to use it in any way. When I was thinking about all this, I realized that someone shaking my shoulder. I looked around. Nidhi and Babby were standing over me and looking me anxiously. They asked me what I was doing here. It was hardly five minutes left for starting the class. They were here to issue a book and found me in deep thought. I lied to them about my thoughts and left the place with them for giving tests.

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